Sydney MTB (Mountain Bike) Riders was formed in 2011 to bring together mountain bike riders from the Sydney city area. The Club provides a forum to bring people together and share experiences, organise rides, host visitors and introduce them to local trails, and help raise awareness of both cycling in general and mountain biking in particular. It is Sydney city's first and only club dedicated to mountain bike riders of all ages, levels, experiences and riding styles.

The clubs goals are to:

  • Establish a group for mountain bike riders who enjoy riding in and around the city of Sydney, including some of the National Parks close by (legal trails only!).
  • Provide a forum for ideas and experiences to be shared with like-minded people.
  • Help provide resources for both new and existing riders.
  • Organise group rides.
  • Raise awareness of riding in the city and advocate for more trail development.
  • Most of all, to have fun!

If you're interested in joining the Club, you can register for an account here. It's quick and easy – and free to sign up. There are also various Membership levels for those who wish to participate in social rides or even races - all registered through MTBA as part of our official club affiliation.

We have an open night called Dirt Nights held at Forestville Rugby club, Currie Rd, Forestville, right near the new Bantry Bay trails. We'll have a licensed bar and sausage sizzile going. Everyone is welcome to come find out more about te club, riding in the area and general chit chat.

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